Formed in 1993, the Hungarian Society for the Study of English (HUSSE) is the most significant scholarly society in Hungary devoted to the promotion and cultivation of English studies, in its versatile interdisciplinarity, ranging from literature through history to linguistics, from film studies through cultural studies to drama studies, and from British Studies through Irish, Canadian and Australian Studies to American Studies. The Society aims at disseminating the most recent developments in scholarship by providing a space for its members to present their research results at conferences and in publications, while it also forms a scholarly body of more than one hundred and eighty members, thus creating a supportive community both for its upcoming junior and established senior members to launch stimulating and invigorating dialogues in the best spirit of intellectual exchange which all parties can only profit from.

HUSSE is a member association of the European Society for the Study of English (ESSE), and as such, a part of a European network of scholarly associations, in which members of HUSSE can directly participate because every HUSSE member is automatically also an ESSE member, with the opportunity to partake of all its programmes and application opportunities. HUSSE, in turn, has its own filial organisations: the Hungarian Society for the Study of Drama in English (HUSSDE) and the Hungarian Society for Irish Studies (HUSIS) since every HUSSE member can opt for being a member of both or either these scholarly societies.

If you are interested in the details of the wide-ranging work done by our Society and our members or you wish to be a part of this scholarly community, you are welcome to visit the pages of our website and to join us (for application details see: For applicants).